30 weeks ( a vacation to montauk)

  we decided to take a little vacation while we could. this babe is getting bigger, making traveling a little more uncomfortablle. we went to the beach town montauk on long island. its was pretty  much the beginning of the season up there, so it was a bit of a ghost town. we took advantage of that by enjoying leisurely time on the beach almost completely by ourselves. what we lacked in sunshine, we made up for in yummy food and relaxation. the sun did pop its head out for the half hour we were eating pancakes inside one morning ( oh that sneaky sun) but that was it. the rest of our time was mist and fog. which was rather enchanting after i realized there was to be no sun.
this whole beach bum thing was new for us and much needed. you see, we tend to take adventuresome vacations. one's where there  is a whole lot of moving from thing to thing. sleeping in tents or cars, or carrying big packs around with us. so this total snails pace, do what you want when you want was a nice change. never worrying about the time or missing something really cool. it was a total break from life.

a few highlights:
misty beach walks
collecting shells
lobster rolls + homemade strawberry rhubarb pie
gawking at beautiful beach homes
listening to the ocean roar

and this babe has found its way into my ribs, quite an interesting feeling. these new feelings and experiences with pregnancy never cease to amaze me.
little life within me!!!! probably our greatest adventure to date!

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