Liam is 5 months

 ( Thanks to Aunt Emily for his penguin suit!)

The penguin outfit is very appropriate as he has taken to flapping his one arm at his side over and over, just like a penguin!
Liam also got to see and experience his first snowfall! We broke out his snowsuit and took him for a little sled ride around the house and trail.
He's found his voice. high pitched shrieks are a new favorite noise.
And wouldn't you know it we discovered he had 2 teeth on December 12th!
Liam loves his feet and hands and is sure to giggle when you blow raspberries or simply just giggle with him!
we haven't gotten a picture of the teeth yet. He's just too good at hiding them (for now)
Merry Christmas!
xoxo Jason + Kristi+ Liam

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