mother's day brunch

 this year for mother's day jason and i hosted brunch at our house! we were blessed with a beautiful day in which we could eat outside on the porch and later going biking on the trail! for brunch i made mini fritattas and challah bread, baked in terra cotta flower pots. there was also fruit and cake brought by the lovely mothers of the day!
here is the fritatta  recipe. it couldn't be easier!

Basic Fritatta

6 eggs
1c. milk
2T. butter, melted
1 c. cheese
salt, pepper

* next you can add any kind of fixings you'd like*
yesterday we enjoyed:
tomato, cheddar, turkey sausage and chive
potato, white cheddar, yellow pepper and chive

makes 12 muffins size fritattas
grease baking pan
bake at 350
for 25-30 minutes

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Angie said...

Such a lovely day! Thank you so much Kristi!

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