snow day

on a recent snow day we had, we enjoyed some time outdoors for a snowy walk by the perkiomen creek. it was followed by some indoor time, playing games and drinking homemade cocoa. snow sometimes brings an unexpected diversion to our days. we both feel that need to slow down and soak up these special times of the year. every one needs a snow day now and again!


14 weeks

 hello second trimester! it hard to believe you're here.
a few things:
  • im starting to puff out a bit.
  • have a few maternity items on hand now
  • cravings: swedish milk chocolate ( thanks ikea), greek goddess yogurt with honey ( thanks whole foods) and a pummelo ( yeah whole foods). a pummelo is a bit out of the blue since i've only eaten them in california a few times. but thats what i felt i needed.
  • i'm beginning to eat sweets again... in very small amounts
  • felt like i did a million sit ups the other day. ( trust me, i did not even one). i think i'm just stretching out a bit.
  • we are still trying to decide if we want to find out the sex. jason votes no. i vote yes. what do you think?

my birthday present.

 do you remember this swing. i talked about it here. well, jason remembered. he actually made it for me. i had no idea he was such a wood worker. this is a bit late of a show and tell, seeing as my birthday was last month, but this was the first opportunity i had to get some pictures. it was a GREAT surprise. i love it. you see, there has been a tree swing here for decades. people tell us of the memories they have of coming to the general store and swinging out back on the tree swing. we don't know what that swing looked like, but we now have a proper swing that can make some new memories in this beloved spot!


the curiosities of a kitty cat

 lets talk about chips shall we. after all, he is our dearly beloved friend, who will probably get a little overlooked in all the talk of coming baby. this rug in our bedroom is his new most favorite place to sleep. this changes every so often. he's a seasons sort of cat. we are delighted that he's taken to the corner of the rug for sleeping, seeing as he might have to share that rug someday.
chips is an outdoor cat at heart. he started out his life that way, until three months later he came to live, indoors with us. we still like to let him and his outdoor spirit get some fresh air from time to time. he is always perplexed by snow. we enjoy that fact  a little to much!

then there is this truly curious obsession with our air conditioner piece. i was cleaning out the  closet one day and he instantly goes and nuzzles up with this fine looking piece of metal. he was infatuated, rubbing up all around it and sleeping on top of it. he even made a little fit when we took it away. we soon brought it out and the love affair continued. he's a strange one, but the best one for us!


12 weeks and counting

 we thought it would be fun to take some photos to share this time and to remember it in the coming years. this was taken a few weeks ago. 12 weeks and not to much showing. a good thing, seeing as it will be nice to wear my own clothes for a while. this pregnancy has been a wonderful thing. other than random nauseousness and extreme tiredness in the first couple of months i've been feeling quite well.

fun facts of the first trimester:
  • we found out on 11.11.11 we were having a baby
  • we told our families by showing them our christmas card we had made
  • ate a LOT of soup
  • lost my sweet tooth
  • brushing my teeth almost always makes me get sick 
  • my first doctor's appointment got delayed two weeks because of a closed turnpike
  • we heard the heartbeat for the first time on december 28


what we ate for dinner

lately i've been diving into the cookbook apples for jam. simple, hearty recipes that really appeal to me these winter months. like this tomato risotto and pasta with tuna, tomatoes and olives. hopefully i'll be sharing more of what we ate for dinner here. this meal consisted of  tomato risotto. with the addition of basil  it felt a bit like summer in the kitchen. even if it was hydroponic basil. it did wonders for my spirit! rounded out dinner with chicken cutlets and a salad. so good!


my best friend's wedding!

 my good friend of 22 years got married last saturday. it was on the 5 year anniversary of her first date with her now husband. it was a small affair, taking place in her grandparents home, but one with so much meaning and beautiful little details. congratulations to you both. so happy to be apart of this joyous day!


we are pleased to announce...

that we are having a baby! coming this july! we are beyond excited about this wee one growing inside me! jason has taken to calling our baby a bear cub and it seems to have stuck.
we are now entering our second trimester!


traveling themed birthday cake

 here's a cake i did not too long ago!


a little christmas recap

i've been absent from this space for a long, long while. i didn't mean for it to be that long. busyness, laziness, the holidays, there are many excuses... but i'm excited for this new year. i have lots to share, coming your way shortly! we had a nice relaxing christmas this year. two days spent up north with jason's family followed with a day a festivities with my family. my brother-in-laws family also came in from sweden, so we had a bit bigger of a gathering which is always fun! the christmas decorations are still up, and i think might be fore a little while longer. i'm not feeling in a hurry to take them away this year. 
well, hope you all have a lovely monday. check back this week... i promise there will be some more posts coming your way.
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