12 weeks and counting

 we thought it would be fun to take some photos to share this time and to remember it in the coming years. this was taken a few weeks ago. 12 weeks and not to much showing. a good thing, seeing as it will be nice to wear my own clothes for a while. this pregnancy has been a wonderful thing. other than random nauseousness and extreme tiredness in the first couple of months i've been feeling quite well.

fun facts of the first trimester:
  • we found out on 11.11.11 we were having a baby
  • we told our families by showing them our christmas card we had made
  • ate a LOT of soup
  • lost my sweet tooth
  • brushing my teeth almost always makes me get sick 
  • my first doctor's appointment got delayed two weeks because of a closed turnpike
  • we heard the heartbeat for the first time on december 28

1 comment:

kerah said...

yeah, baby! Not that it matters, but these pictures make it feel real for me finally! LOL. :)

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