Raspberry Picking 2013

We went raspberry picking back in September! We did last year as well, shortly after Liam was born. It's always a fun time. We went with my friend ( and wonderful photographer) this year! Liam had a ball, eating warm raspberries straight off the vine! I just received these pictures and thought these were to special not to share! It's raining and cold on this November day so, the sight of these already warms me up!
We love to freeze our raspberries. We simply sort, spread them out on cookie sheets to be frozen for several hours and then bag them! It helps the raspberries not to clump!
Delicious! We are still enjoying ours!

*please don't use these pictures without permission


Lamb Baby Shower Cake

Here's another cake from earlier this month! It was a lamb themed shower! I love making baby animals with fondant! It's really become something I thoroughly enjoy!


Wedding + Anniversary Cakes

 This fall has bee a very busy cake season for me! I'm honestly still wondering how I pulled it off some weekends. I've learned a lot, which is what I hope for in every project I take on. The top was for a wedding I did recently and the bottom is a 50th anniversary cake from this past weekend!

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