back when and coming soon...

i was taking a look through my photos from autumns past and came across this picture. it was taken two years ago. we had went for an evening walk. stopped there in the picture ,because we found these gigantic leaves and couldn't resist snapping a picture. now come to realize not only is that two steps next to where we live now, but the leaf came from one of our trees. ironic maybe. it makes me so happy to have a home so close to a spot where we have enjoyed coming for years.
speaking of our home. we have painted! there is still some trim work to do, but these are the colors. a little more muted than the lemon yellow that use to be there. we are far from done the kitchen renovations but progress is being made every week.


making deodorant

deodorant...i know its not typically one of those things you would want to try and make. i am not a fan of regular deodorant. i have only found one kind that i have ever liked... its discontinued. poof, vanished one day off the shelves. so i have been looking for something that doesn't smell too much, doesn't have aluminum in it, and actually keeps me from stinking to the high heavens. so i happened upon this blog passionate homemaking and this recipe for deodorant. its gotten rave reviews so i thought i'd give it a go. i have been using it for a couple of weeks now and i think i've found the deodorant that works for me! the only downside is applying with your fingers. a small price to pay for something that truly works for me!

first friday fun

a few weeks ago, jason and i got the opportunity to go to first friday in lancaster city. my sister lives in that area and works in a gallery downtown. she's been telling me for a long time, that we should come out for this, so we took her up on it finally. we had a great time hopping galleries, thrift stores and an antique warehouse. (she was there, i promise) i just don't have any pictures of her or jason. whenever i'm back in a city, it makes my heart beat a little faster. i do miss the city life... i love our countryish life right now. i would not trade it. i am just reminded that i need to take more trips into the city more often.


happy birthday today

my two cuties have september birthdays!
bow ties were stitched for the both of them.
had a lovely weekend relaxing.
enjoyed the company of some very dear people.
peanut butter crunch cake! ( enough said)
bones marathon.
doing a whole lot of nothing.
we love birthdays around here!


some days you just need candy.

what does one do with a package of leftover cream cheese... make these yummy, easy, fast, melt in your mouth candies. here is the recipe! enjoy! thanks to my elementary school teacher, for having us make these one time. one time and its been in my memory ever since.

No Bake Cream Cheese Mints ::
4 oz. cream cheese
3 c. powdered/icing sugar
1/4 tsp. mint extract
1/8 tsp. (green) food coloring
You will also need::
medium sized bowl
rubber spatula
cookie sheet
Mix together sugar and cream cheese well. Add in mint, then coloring. Roll into small balls. Dip balls into powdered sugar. Refrigerate 1-2 hours.

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a couple of weeks ago, i had the pleasure of attending my first produce auction. a small town not to far away from where we live geographically, but very far out of the normal suburban neighborhood. while we didn't end up buying any produce, it was a fun experience. bidding on the seasons freshest produce at a very discounted bulk rate. its definitely something i'd like to do more of in the future.

the rest of the day was spent wandering around rennigers flea market. getting peaches from a local mennonite family, eating tomato sandwiches and peach pie with my friend's grandparents, perusing a fabric store and local natural food store, echo hill. they have an amazing supply of organic flour and grains. i will be making a trip back there at some point. it was a most enjoyable day, discovering some local treasures that were previously unknown to me.


tomato tales

its that time again. tomatoes for all! my parents had a great crop of them this year. so i've spent some days over there making spaghetti sauce. also putting up diced and whole tomatoes for whenever i need them in recipes. i used the same recipe as last year for the sauce. it turned out even better, because the tomatoes where at their ripest.
last evening we enjoyed a dinner outside on our front porch ( our favorite dining spot in the summer). its much to hot most days to stay inside. spaghetti and meatballs, made with our first jar of sauce. so fresh. so delicious. so summer.
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