...couldn't come soon enough this week! somehow i just worked an insane amount of hours. so on saturday after my last shift we got together with good friends, for some mojitos , the yummiest mexican food i've ever concocted and lots of fun, fun times.


phone cake pictures

these are a few cakes i've worked on lately and actually remembered to take photos of. enjoy.


tomato sauce

tomatoes are here! i have a handful from my garden, and got a bunch more from a local farm, to make tomato sauce. tried out a recipe from here. it all went pretty smoothly. i'm getting more use to this canning business. if i had a bigger freezer i'd probably freeze a lot too. but for right now i'm okay with canning.it feels good to do. i like doing things the slow old fashioned way, if i have time, and right now i do. it smelled delicious and am eagerly looking forward to spaghetti in the near future!


inspiration : trying to keep my cool

today sitting in the room with our computers, thinking about writing something, was a bit challenging. it is extremely hot here PA. summer is here with a vengeance. so it got me to thinking, why not explore with my camera, all the ways we are keeping cool in our apartment this summer. some lovely new (vintage) additions were procured this year. a fan for every room and style. hope you all are finding means of keeping your cool.
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