rhubarb crunch

Well lately I've been thinkin'
about some good home cookin',
just like that I haven't eaten'
in the longest time.
Now I like potato chips,
now please don't get me wrong.
But I havent tasted mama's rhubarb pie in so very long.
Rhubarb pie, in the summer.
Rhubarb pie, made by my mother.
Nothing better in the winter,
than rhurbarb pie after dinner. ~ five iron frenzy

sung to me by jason!

i have to admit. i've never done much with rhubarb. my mom makes this really good rhubarb crunch, so i decided to try my hand at it, since it in season right now.
warm rhubarb with ice cream. yummy!
tis the seaon for red. red produce, and rose wine!


memorial day

my hubby had to work this holiday weekend, so i hung out with the fam for memorial day! they were doing what they normally do on these holidays. gardening! so i decided to join them in the annual task of weeding, cutting down, planting and mulching. we did work hard most of the day, though i'm not so sure you can tell from these pictures. who wants to see dirty smelly pictures anyway. these are my wonderful parents, who at almost 60 have a lot of pep. almost more than me i'm sure. we got much done, and had much fun goofing around.

and at the end of the hot, smelly, dirty day we had some awesome fruit milkshakes!!!!! yum yum


its time to dig in the dirt

my hard underpaid worker! dug me up a new garden plot for our veggies.
here we have some heirloom tomatoes, roma tomatoes, regular peppers, banana peppers, carrots, and tomatillos!
... and in the herb garden there is mint, sage, thyme, dill, rosemary, basil, flat leaf parsley, oregano, and lettuce! may they flourish and grow, flourish and grow!


springtime flare

it feels good to be outside again. it smell so fresh outside. everything is so green from all the many days of rain! we got back from germany two days ago, to a lonely, pent up house. it needed some windows opened and some plant life to bring me cheer!
these are some darling little bud vases strung up on wire, so they hang just about anywhere you can imagine them. there's about 15 in the bunch. so i filled them with the most seasonal (and a personal favorite) lily of the valley. i got them in the netherlands on our trip at the tulip garden.

... its almost time for strawberries!!!!!
my stove area needed a little seasonal sprucing! there's just something about when your cooking, to have some pretty stuff to feast your eyes on. the idea started about 6 months ago, and has been changing regularly with the seasons!
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