memorial day

my hubby had to work this holiday weekend, so i hung out with the fam for memorial day! they were doing what they normally do on these holidays. gardening! so i decided to join them in the annual task of weeding, cutting down, planting and mulching. we did work hard most of the day, though i'm not so sure you can tell from these pictures. who wants to see dirty smelly pictures anyway. these are my wonderful parents, who at almost 60 have a lot of pep. almost more than me i'm sure. we got much done, and had much fun goofing around.

and at the end of the hot, smelly, dirty day we had some awesome fruit milkshakes!!!!! yum yum

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Kerah said...

Looks like a "wonderful gut" time. I just felt the need to break out a little P.A. Dutch after seeing those pics...I love the one of the shakes...it's got a sweet focus. (literally!)

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