first snow!

we all had a great "first" snow!


Liam is 4 months!

 this not so little man is 4 months old. oh my! he is such a delight!
liam has turned into a little chatter box and giggle monster! we are loving every talkative moment!
 liam is loving:
  • sock free feet ( his feet in general)
  • raspberries on his feet and tummy
  • standing and sitting (with help of course)
  • kick time
  • grasping toys with both hands
  • tummy time (sometimes)
  • loves to look in the mirror and see his and mines reflections. he even tries to touch it.
  • he also seems to be thriving with a little order to his days! we are loving having a bit of a routine again!
liam is not liking:

  • tummy time ( sometimes) 
  •  riding in the car after dark
  • loud noises such as a coughs or sneezes

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