jungle themed baby shower cake!

just a little update in the cake department! i had a lot of fun making this cake. a few struggles too... like don't rush the drying time of fondant. against better judgment i tried to rush the palm trees along, only to have them crumble. so, i learned a lot this time around. i'm getting more use to fondant and learning a few new tricks of the trade. thats all i can ask for in a project. that i keep learning new things and having fun in the process.


girls weekend!

so very excited to be spend the whole weekend with these lovely ladies!
there is going to be whole lot of 
pride and prejudice
yummy food and drink
girlie girling going on.

i <3 weekends off!


merging of the seasons!

today is one of those rare days in february where the sun is shining its intense spring warmth, yet it is indeed february. the dead of winter, with much snow still covering the ground. so, much thanks to my husband for getting me outdoors to be with him. me, knitting in the glorious sunshine and him in the garage, tinkering around with his car. a lovely little afternoon, i dare say!


baked treats for chillfest

these lovely goodies were treats i baked for a show, or rather a series of shows called chillfest. check them out sometime. young, local bands and artist come together once a month to play music and show their art. its a lot of fun. i've been selling baked goods and letting people know about snacky french!


rough draft

here is a sneak peak at the beginning of a business card for snacky french! i just did this up quick for a event i'm baking for... final copy to come... soon!


winter cozies

 we live in an old, poorly insulated home. staying cozy and warm has been a bit of a challenge this winter...  we hope to have some help from a wood stove by next winter. we've persevered though. there are little things that have warmed our spirits, hands and hearts.  fluffy duvet covers, thick wool socks and sweaters, kerosene heat, soups + stews, coffee + tea and blanket tents. today i made roasted tomatoes with olive oil, sea salt, pepper and rosemary, spread that on thick toast with ricotta cheese and drizzled with olive oil. warm, delicious food. on the stove for tomorrow is a thick, creamy potato leek soup. oh the wonders a little comfort food can achieve.
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