Crinkle Ribbon Square for Liam

 News flash. Babies like tags. This was a new one for me . Most things are, concerning babies. You see,  I'm the youngest in my immediate and extended family, so the baby learning curve has been a little more steep for me! In a way it's been cool learning new things right alongside my son! To daily be surprised at the little things he likes and doesn't like. Sure you can read books and talk with other Mom's, but it's been most special learning from and about
My Baby!
... oh and he really liked it!


Liam is 6 months!

Our little guy is 6 months old already!
Here's what this month looked like.
  • Liam really got more into his toys. Grasping them from one hand to the other and into the mouth!
  • He now rolls almost every time you put him on the floor!
  • We started introducing some foods for the first time! He's still a little unsure, but overall seems interested in these new tastes and textures!
  • He loves my wooden kitchen spoons. You give him a bowl of spoons and he'll pick one up, chew on it, put it back and pick another one. It's a new favorite game.
  • He enjoys playing peekaboo with the blanket.
  • He enjoys pulling both of our glasses off our faces on a quite regular basis.
  • This boy  has grown! 6 month checkup he was at 18lbs 27 inches long!
  • Liam also went to his first friends birthday party this month! I can only imagine how the next 6 month are going to fly!
love these boys to the moon and back!
exploring the world of eating with some banana
sitting up for the first time!


Featured at Main Street Java

Hey friends out there in blogland. Just wanted to update you all that Main Street Java in Souderton, PA is now selling baked goods and cupcakes from me! Exciting stuff, huh? I'm so grateful for this opportunity to bake for a whole new crowd of people who have never heard of Snacky French! Right now they are offering an assortment of muffins, scones, bars, brownies and cupcakes! Go grab a cup of coffee or a great panini that they make and save room for a sweet treat next time your in!


Chocolate Potato Chip Brownie!

 Just trying some new recipes around these parts! I'm loving the subtle sweet and salty combo in this chocolate potato chip brownie with chocolate drizzle!


Around here this Christmas season!

We had a great Christmas and New Years. It was such a joy to have Liam share in the fun this year! We feel loved and blessed to have this time with wonderful friends and family. Feeling even more grateful that we have stayed healthy thus far, when practically all of our loved ones seem to be catching something flu related.
I am excited to find out what all you have in store for me and mine!
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