Liam is 6 months!

Our little guy is 6 months old already!
Here's what this month looked like.
  • Liam really got more into his toys. Grasping them from one hand to the other and into the mouth!
  • He now rolls almost every time you put him on the floor!
  • We started introducing some foods for the first time! He's still a little unsure, but overall seems interested in these new tastes and textures!
  • He loves my wooden kitchen spoons. You give him a bowl of spoons and he'll pick one up, chew on it, put it back and pick another one. It's a new favorite game.
  • He enjoys playing peekaboo with the blanket.
  • He enjoys pulling both of our glasses off our faces on a quite regular basis.
  • This boy  has grown! 6 month checkup he was at 18lbs 27 inches long!
  • Liam also went to his first friends birthday party this month! I can only imagine how the next 6 month are going to fly!
love these boys to the moon and back!
exploring the world of eating with some banana
sitting up for the first time!

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