Liam is 9 months

9 months
  • It was hard to believe at his 9 month checkup I was getting an appointment card for his next one at 1 year!
  • Liam is getting quite good at exploring. While he's not crawling yet, he scoots on his bottom quite well
  • We enjoyed having a few visitors this month! Our good friends from Indiana came with their son to visit us for a little while. And Liam's Mom-mom and Aunt came for a short visit as well! We LOVE visitors!
  • Liam's first Easter! ( Nana supplied the blue bunny ears)
  • We've enjoyed quite a few warm days taking walks, swing rides, first bike rides ( he loved) and sitting on the porch is a new favorite activity!
  • He most recently is starting to wave at people ( mostly intentionally we believe)
  • Liam is very good at cracking himself up when he's in the right mood. We just laugh and laugh sometimes.
  • He loves bath time and we are looking forward to this summer so we can play in the pool!
  • Liam has just started to be interested in books. Now he flips through the pages instead of eating them!

definitely my child (  I have baby pictures doing the same thing)

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