24 weeks ( and a day in D.C.)

6 months pregnant! time is really starting to fly by. we are doing great overall. enjoying the lovely weather of late. we took a day to see the cherry blossoms in d.c., and it was truly one of the nicest days we could have hoped for. a balmy 80 degrees. the blossoms were lovely... i think i'm enjoying sping even more than fall this year, and usually that is my favorite season. but spring is really delighting me this year! perhaps it has something to do with the fact that it's one season closer to meeting this wee one inside me!
 so we spent the morning walking around the tidal basin

 then stopped at georgetown cupcake ( home of the show d.c. cupcake) for some ridiculously good cupcakes. yes there was a line out the door, and yes we payed a bit too much for these sweet treats, but it was our splurge. some girls like jewelry, i like sweets. it is my business after all!

we had some delicious pizza for lunch, followed by the smithsonian art museum  and a spanish tapas dinner with good friends, later that evening!


22 weeks

  • we enjoyed this spring day ,outdoors, with friends at st. peters village and shady maple!
  • there has been a flurry of activity in our house. moving my craft stuff out of (what will be the babies room) and setting it up in our guest bedroom, lots of cleaning and organizing too!
  • we now have a dresser/ changing table for the babies room and a comfy rocking-like chair. ( thanks impact and ikea)
  • this past weekend was spent with my sister! we enjoyed some shopping, a first bike ride of the season, complete with a cupcake and coffee picnic!
  • baby movements are a continuous and joyous occasion
  • we are enjoying letting our toes peek out of the covers and sleeping with windows open. a first for march,  i believe.
  • jason has been spoiling me, by leaving chocolate bars at random places for me to find and enjoy.
  • getting very excited for our day to washington d.c. to see the cherry blossoms and visit the smithsonian.
  • wondering if we'll be able to squeeze in a mini vacation before the bear cub arrives
  • getting very very excited to meet this little one!



just a little update on the quilting front. the top is almost all pieced together after 3 full days of sowing. its coming together wonderfully. i'm really looking forward to putting it in the babies room soon!


20 weeks ( although its more like 21)

time got away from me with this update. it was suppose to happen last week, but last week turned out to be busier than expected and i wasn't in the picture taking mood!
so here it is... a update for 20 weeks
  •   i ended up having a second  ultrasound so that they could measure the spine of the baby, because the first time it wouldn't uncurl from its cozy little ball. i took this opportunity to have my mom and nieces join us for the ultrasound. it was extra special to have them there.
  • we were watching my nieces while their parents got some anniversary time in Vermont! it was a fun weekend of crafting paper garlands, making candles, thrifting, milkshakes and playing old games that i grew up with and they came to love too!
  • we had another midwife appointment! everything on the ultrasound looked good!
  • this dress i'm wearing is one out of my grandmothers closet. i always knew it would make a good maternity dress!
  • the "bear cub" ( our babe) has been on my bladder a lot these days.
  • i asked jason if he wanted to cut the cord at birth and he just looks at me wide eyed! ( i think it just became a little more real to him at that moment)
  • i have started to feel MOVEMENT from the bear cub! it's been really interesting. i was hesitant to call it that at first. Now there is little denying this strange and wonderful sensation i'm feeling. hopefully jason can experience this movement pretty soon too!
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