i've been planting flowers. hoping to see this fill out in a month or two.

its been a treat to see all the different flowers and greens that have been popping their heads up around here, with each season.

i am eagerly awaiting the raspberries and peaches. they are starting to bud with fruit.


craft bazaars, donut dates and more

so my sister and i went to art star again this year! possibly the best craft fair in pa! its held at penn's landing in philly! we go mostly to get inspiration and enjoy what our local folk are making. a few purchases were made. hard to resist those homemade candles, endless colors of felt and reusable snack pouches.

a new donut/ coffee shop opened up a few months back. donuts on main, which is only a couple minutes away from our house. so one morning last week jason took an early break from work, and we met for donuts and coffee. they make cake donuts and sell my favorite local coffee. we were surprised to find we knew one of the employees, a young girl from our church. it was a lovely overall. so glad to squeeze little moments like this into our day!
there has been a lot of hard work going on around the house. lots of generous people, helping us work on our project home. scraping paint, digging holes, smashing plaster, wiring electric.... the list goes on. in all of that mess, i like to go out doors. i've planted herbs, and hope to plant some flowers shortly. a garden will have to wait for another year i'm afraid. when we have more time to dig it up and plan it out.


homemade day

yesterday was 100% mine. i say that not in a greedy manner, but one of a girl who has had very little free time lately. obligations, work, and socializing have been taking over my life, leaving no good chunks of time to make things. so yesterday i woke when i was good and ready. spent most of the day in the kitchen making... making bread, pita chips, hummus, potato soup and rhubarb upside down cake. it was indescribable how relaxing it was to go from one thing to the next, not feeling the least bit rushed. i need more of these day in my life. there were also moments to step outside, plant some flowers and be with our kitty.chips has been having a hay day, since we've started taking him outside. he adored the onion patch.
rhubarb upside down cake. pretty darn tasty. especially with the crumb bottom. recipe from the may issue of martha stewart


weekend away

we spent a lovely weekend in washington d.c. with two dear friends. we hit all the must sees, being that jason has never been to d.c. before. we hope to go back soon and hit up some museums.

we saw a traditional english may day dance, in tacoma park. afterwards they proceeded to picket with the most hilarious picket signs i've seen in awhile . that one being my favorite. happy may!
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