Family Christmas 2014

Here's some highlights from our Christmas just the three of us and time with both of our families. Liam was pretty into Christmas this year and his spirit was contagious. We had a great time celebrating.


Making Christmas Cookies 2014

 After many weeks of Liam watching me make hundreds of cookies for Snacky French orders, we finally found some time one morning, right before Christmas to make our favorite sugar cookie cutouts. Liam was a great helper. He mixed, rolled and sprinkled like a champ.


50th Floral Birthday Cake

I go through stages where I neglect this space, sometimes for a month or two. Then I comeback, feeling inspired once again to share my cakes, baking projects and bits and pieces of our daily lives. I have about 6 drafts waiting to be published. I hope to be in this space more often, updating my work as a cake decorator. This was a cake I did a couple of months ago. It was for a dear friend's mother. She was turning 50. So I made her this butter-cream red velvet cake with flowers inspired from her wedding bouquet. In addition I did around a 100 rose swirled cupcakes! Thanks to my friends at Optika Photography for these photos of the cakes.


Christmas flurry via my phone

1. posing like a ham bone after putting up our garland
2. Making chalkboard signs and getting festive in the kitchen
3. Christmas cookies... need I say more
4. more decorations and lots of coffee lately
5. we like our lights indoors this year
6. making cinnamon heart ornaments and decorations
7. helper
8. Liam loved this old snowman at the Christmas village
9. love my boys
10. First time doing this Santa thing. He was into it
11. Koziar Christmas Village view
12. Creeping out my window to photo-bomb the tourists ( aka obergs)
13. first sled ride of the winter
14. first time making one of these guys!
15. running through the Christmas trees


Care Bear + My Little Pony Cakes

 I had two request recently for a Care Bear cake and a Rainbow Dash cake, from My Little Pony. Hello childhood! I didn't know too much about care bears growing up, but my little pony was very popular when I was in grade school. I love that they are fun, whimsical cakes, with bright details and these two just happen to have rainbows, a new favorite thing to make! Happy weekend! I'm gearing up to give out cupcakes and cookies at our local holiday parade.

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