27 weeks

Oh hey 27 weeks. Way to sneak up on a girl. People like to ask me if this pregnancy is similar to my first. I usually reply that it is. And for the most part that's true. Slightly sick first trimester, easy second trimester and as I'm nearing my third it will probably follow suit, with some more tired and soar moments as the weeks go by.

There are a few things different this time around. With a three year old occupying a lot of my time and energy, I've had less mental space to dwell on being pregnant. So that being said, time is flying by. I meant to post a 25 week update, but that just never happened. Too much house and birthday stuff going on then. We also were only renovating one room ( for Liam) when I was pregnant the first time and this time it's most of the downstairs and some of the upstairs. I'm not swelling like I did with Liam ( yet) and hopefully won't. Thanks to living in my family's central air home for the last 7 weeks has helped with that I think. I'm not really craving anything this  time except my cup of coffee each morning.

Liam got to see the baby move across my belly recently and now he's convinced he can see the baby moving all the time. It was a special moment and I'm sure he will enjoy many more kicks and movements in the coming weeks as they only get stronger and stronger.

I'm looking forward to getting back home to knit and sew some baby things, to begin to see  a finished dining room, living room, staircase and hallway and to get my space back in order and enjoy my favorite season with our baby bean.


Cakes for the "Pops"

These are a few cakes I've done for the Dad's, Pop's, Grandpa's in people's lives recently! Golf, sports teams and baseball! I tend to do a lot of girlie or kid themed cakes, so it's fun to throw some masculine themes into the mix!!


Summer love

Recently I was looking at old blog posts and stumbled on a post call fall love. It inspired me to continue on that thread and do one for summer. So over the last 10 years of summers, I've collected some of my favorite pictures of what summer has meant and look like for us.
What does summer look like to you?


Summer Cupcakes: Surboard + Hibiscus cupcake toppers

Happy Weekending! These beachy cupcakes have me dreaming of playing in the sand with my little guy and taking a dip in the salty waves!

Vanilla cupcakes with vanilla buttercream and handmade fondant surfboards and hibiscus flowers I did not too long ago for a client!


Liam is 3!

I did a Q & A with Liam yesterday being that he's very good at expressing his opinions, likes, dislikes and interests now! Here's what he said.

How old are you?   2
How old is Daddy?  1
How old is Mama?  1
What is your favorite thing to do?  play / open presents
Who is your best friend?  Olivia
What are you really good at?  playing
What is your favorite food?  hotdogs
What is your favorite song?  twinkle twinkle little star
What is your favorite color?   green
What is your favorite animal?   monkey
What did you dream about?  cake
What is your favorite fruit?  banana
What is your favorite book?  Thomas books
What is your favorite thing to do outside?  Dig in the dirt
What color is the sky?  blue
What color is the grass?  green
What do you want to do when you grow up?  Build a house all by myself

Liam also loves music. He asks my Dad on a daily basis to play guitar and accordion. He loves to drive and steer the riding mower. He asks what time it is about 20 times a day. His other favorite question is to ask how that works. He then goes and tries to figure it out. He calls me sweetie pie. He loves fast rides at the fair and driving his tricycle and big wheel as fast as he can. He loves swimming so much this summer. He is as big as all the 4 year olds we know. He's always up for anything new and has the biggest belly laugh you've ever heard. Getting to watch him grow, learn and discover the world these last three years has been our greatest adventure yet!

Liam is pretty excited to be a big brother, even if he doesn't fully grasp what that will mean. He is gentle and loving when touching my belly as to not squish his little brother!

 Liam requested to make and decorate his own birthday cake this year. So that's what we did yesterday morning. He's a really good listener when given a task. He just loves our "work" whether that be baking or building with tools. He's very into Snacky French lately. He says it all the time, which is strange since I never talk about my business name with him. He was pretty stoked to get to wear a Snacky French apron.  He always wants to know about the cakes I'm working on and gets so excited to see them when they are finished. He's never touched one, but does like to take a sniff of the icing. His cake of choice this year is chocolate with peanut butter icing. He even got to decorate it all by himself with Flynn the firetruck train from Thomas and lots of sprinkles!
We love you, kiddo!


Sleeping babies, bottles, bibs and buttons baby shower cupcakes!

Happy Friday! I have a few cupcake orders this weekend, so I thought I'd share some recent baby shower cupcakes I did. These are probably some of my favorite cupcake toppers I've done to date! The cuteness is killing me, mostly likely due to my own pregnancy hormones and baby fever. These were gender neutral, but could easily be customizable for either boy or girl!


Woodland Baby Shower Cake

I definitely have a soft spot for all things woodland themed! I used that in Liam's room to decorate and also for his first birthday cake . So When I was asked to use that as a theme for a recent baby shower cake, I was overjoyed. Fun, whimsical and gender neutral.


Simple Beehive Bridal Shower Cake + XO cookie favors

Happy Sunday! I just wanted to share this simple beehive cake I did  for a bridal shower a little while ago. Sometimes the simplest ones are the ones I like the most! The bees are fondant with almond slivers for wings. The cake was chocolate with a honey buttercream.
These were the favors that went with this shower. Sets of XOXO sugar cookies in blush, champagne and ivory! Simple and sweet!



 This summer my (almost) 3 year old is "swimming"!!! With a vest and floaties he's having a ball, kicking his arms and legs and playing with the pool toys like a big kid. What a difference a year makes! My nieces recently spent a few days at my parents as well. So we all went swimming one day. My niece took these great photos and video of Liam making his "big splash" because I was at an appointment with the midwife. I did get to catch the end of their swimming time and see what a little fish my boy had become! We have a couple of more pool dates lined up for the future, much to Liam's delight.


Graduation Cake + Cupcakes this June

Graduation cupcakes with handmade cap, scroll and year fondant toppers.
Graduation cupcakes representing the interest of the graduating senior, which were sports and music. She was also in the musical "Shrek" this year at her high school, so we incorporated shrek cupcakes too!
This was a law school graduation from William and Mary. I did an edible image of their logo and also 2015 decorated sugar cookies to go with the cake with the school's colors.


23 weeks

Life at 23 weeks has had it's ups and downs. We are now at week two of living with my family as we continue renovations on our home. While we are excited for the progress, it does make it hard to be split up most days. Jason working on the house, Liam and I living with my family. There have been a few other bumps in the road that we've had to deal with recently. But, God has been faithful and we have seen his hand guiding us in it all.

This part of pregnancy, the glorious second trimester, has left me with much more energy and I'm grateful for it. The bean has been "jumping" and kicking stronger and stronger these days.

Liam is turning 3 soon and we hope to make it to the beach for a day sometime this summer. Our summer is wide open with time and it feels nice to take it as it comes. I have to remind myself to soak up those moments when it's just Liam and I because I know it will be an adjustment when his baby brother arrives. To relish in reading books uninterrupted and taking the time to explain his many questions each day. To listen as he recalls his favorite parts of the day and have him tell me I'm his best friend.


Torte Roundup

Chocolate Raspberry Torte: chocolate cake with raspberry filling, covered in chocolate ganache, topped with fresh raspberries

Lemon Blueberry Torte: Lemon blueberry cake filled with vanilla butter cream and topped with fresh blueberries
Chocolate Chip Torte: Chocolate chip vanilla pound cake filled with chocolate butter cream and topped with mini chocolate chips

Triple Chocolate Torte: Chocolate pound cake with milk chocolate butter cream, drizzled with semi sweet ganache.
Flourless Chocolate Torte: A rich bittersweet, creamy chocolate torte
Chocolate Peanut Butter Torte: Chocolate cake filled with chocolate butter cream, iced in peanut butter buttercream and drizzle with chocolate and peanut butter
S'mores Torte: Vanilla pound cake filled with chocolate ganache, iced in a marshmallow buttercream topped with a chocolate drizzle and graham cracker sprinkles
Princess Torte: A princess cake (prinsesstårta in Swedish) is a traditional Swedish cake consisting of alternating layers of sponge cake, jam, pastry cream, and a thick layer of whipped cream. Topped with marzipan.
Chocolate Bourbon Apricot Torte: Chocolate cake with bourbon apricot filling and chocolate cream cheese icing.
Chocolate Salted Caramel Torte: layers of chocolate cake and chocolate butter cream topped with a large pool of salted caramel.

A torte(from Italian and Spanish torta) is a rich, usually multilayered, cake that is filled with whipped cream, buttercreams, mousses, jams or fruits.


Sofia the First Cupcake Dress + Pirate Cupcakes

 My first Sofia the First cake! I love getting introduced to new things by my customers on a daily basis. I certainly had never heard of this TV show before. So, to incorporate Sofia into cake form. We decided to do her beautiful dress. Piped rose swirls, with some fondant details and a candy necklace charm.

This very considerate customer also wanted to do some pirate cupcakes for the little boys at the party! How cute are their little faces!

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