Liam is 3!

I did a Q & A with Liam yesterday being that he's very good at expressing his opinions, likes, dislikes and interests now! Here's what he said.

How old are you?   2
How old is Daddy?  1
How old is Mama?  1
What is your favorite thing to do?  play / open presents
Who is your best friend?  Olivia
What are you really good at?  playing
What is your favorite food?  hotdogs
What is your favorite song?  twinkle twinkle little star
What is your favorite color?   green
What is your favorite animal?   monkey
What did you dream about?  cake
What is your favorite fruit?  banana
What is your favorite book?  Thomas books
What is your favorite thing to do outside?  Dig in the dirt
What color is the sky?  blue
What color is the grass?  green
What do you want to do when you grow up?  Build a house all by myself

Liam also loves music. He asks my Dad on a daily basis to play guitar and accordion. He loves to drive and steer the riding mower. He asks what time it is about 20 times a day. His other favorite question is to ask how that works. He then goes and tries to figure it out. He calls me sweetie pie. He loves fast rides at the fair and driving his tricycle and big wheel as fast as he can. He loves swimming so much this summer. He is as big as all the 4 year olds we know. He's always up for anything new and has the biggest belly laugh you've ever heard. Getting to watch him grow, learn and discover the world these last three years has been our greatest adventure yet!

Liam is pretty excited to be a big brother, even if he doesn't fully grasp what that will mean. He is gentle and loving when touching my belly as to not squish his little brother!

 Liam requested to make and decorate his own birthday cake this year. So that's what we did yesterday morning. He's a really good listener when given a task. He just loves our "work" whether that be baking or building with tools. He's very into Snacky French lately. He says it all the time, which is strange since I never talk about my business name with him. He was pretty stoked to get to wear a Snacky French apron.  He always wants to know about the cakes I'm working on and gets so excited to see them when they are finished. He's never touched one, but does like to take a sniff of the icing. His cake of choice this year is chocolate with peanut butter icing. He even got to decorate it all by himself with Flynn the firetruck train from Thomas and lots of sprinkles!
We love you, kiddo!

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