23 weeks

Life at 23 weeks has had it's ups and downs. We are now at week two of living with my family as we continue renovations on our home. While we are excited for the progress, it does make it hard to be split up most days. Jason working on the house, Liam and I living with my family. There have been a few other bumps in the road that we've had to deal with recently. But, God has been faithful and we have seen his hand guiding us in it all.

This part of pregnancy, the glorious second trimester, has left me with much more energy and I'm grateful for it. The bean has been "jumping" and kicking stronger and stronger these days.

Liam is turning 3 soon and we hope to make it to the beach for a day sometime this summer. Our summer is wide open with time and it feels nice to take it as it comes. I have to remind myself to soak up those moments when it's just Liam and I because I know it will be an adjustment when his baby brother arrives. To relish in reading books uninterrupted and taking the time to explain his many questions each day. To listen as he recalls his favorite parts of the day and have him tell me I'm his best friend.

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