27 weeks

Oh hey 27 weeks. Way to sneak up on a girl. People like to ask me if this pregnancy is similar to my first. I usually reply that it is. And for the most part that's true. Slightly sick first trimester, easy second trimester and as I'm nearing my third it will probably follow suit, with some more tired and soar moments as the weeks go by.

There are a few things different this time around. With a three year old occupying a lot of my time and energy, I've had less mental space to dwell on being pregnant. So that being said, time is flying by. I meant to post a 25 week update, but that just never happened. Too much house and birthday stuff going on then. We also were only renovating one room ( for Liam) when I was pregnant the first time and this time it's most of the downstairs and some of the upstairs. I'm not swelling like I did with Liam ( yet) and hopefully won't. Thanks to living in my family's central air home for the last 7 weeks has helped with that I think. I'm not really craving anything this  time except my cup of coffee each morning.

Liam got to see the baby move across my belly recently and now he's convinced he can see the baby moving all the time. It was a special moment and I'm sure he will enjoy many more kicks and movements in the coming weeks as they only get stronger and stronger.

I'm looking forward to getting back home to knit and sew some baby things, to begin to see  a finished dining room, living room, staircase and hallway and to get my space back in order and enjoy my favorite season with our baby bean.

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