to come full circle. a reflection

hello snacky french.
hello to anyone who drops by. it has been one year, this fine day, since i began my online journery here.
i have learned so much . it has been a delight and pleasure to chronicle a would be forgotten part of my life. from the every day domesticity to creating sweet confections. i am so happy i put myself out here, to be daily reminded of life's little pleasures and share them all with you. to hopefully have inspired more creativity.

<3 kristi


a tote & goodies

here we have a few late stragglers from the garden! the carrots, short and stubby may they be came in quite handy for my beef stew last week. beef stew and peach pie. a meal we got to share with some friends. quite a cozy meal. i love this stew/ pie season we're in! next up are the apples. i had hoped to get peaches a bit earlier than september, but indeed i did get to make a peach pie. after all, it is my favorite.

... and lastly. this tote ( pattern found here ) has been in my lap for the last week. working on it moments at a time. it came together in no time. it was shown in linen, but i just had cotton. i think it turned out quite well. i think they also have a similar pattern for knitters. i'm glad to have run out of yarn, at the top. i think it makes for a nice contrast. the light and dark.

happy weekend!


fall design

here's a new fall design i did for a cake recently! happy fall!


birthday weekend!

my family has a lot of september birthdays! as with our tradition. we lump them all together into one big birthday bash. this year once again, we had it at our house. its been fun being able to host, these gatherings. this years cake... dirt dessert. oreo cookie crust with ice cream in the center and oreos on top. yummy.

i also got teach my sister and my niece how to crochet. so here we are trying to play a game and work on all of our projects together. i love my family!
this was the sight from our porch last evening as we were saying goodbye to my family. jason and i both got very excited to see this sight. you see, we are going on our very own hot air balloon ride in two weeks! i can't hardly wait.


a weeks worth of goings on.

we had planned this lovely little camping trip in upstate pennsylvania... we tried to make it work. the rain did a very good job of sending us packing early. so we came home , dried off, lit some candles and played boardgames for hours! i recently got checkers and parcheesi at a thrift store. we are addicted to them right now. we both have fond memeories of playing these games with our grandparents. so we played games, ate cake, and lazed about. it was a great weekend after all.

on sunday we went to a flee market and found this beauty. i'm trying to figure out what exactly its called and its history. you plug it in, its air powered and sounds like an accordion. we've been having a lot of fun with it. it needs a little repair, but it was the best $5 find ever.


so many things

life has not stopped moving. its very exciting.

- a sock is taking form
- a birthday cake will be made
- a camping trip to prepare for
- a day with the girls tomorrow
- a trip to see the movie 9

when life allows, i will try to share some of these endeavors with you.


a little treasure

woodland dinnerware! what can get better than that... not sure, but i found 3 of these bowl like plates. i have that basic style in the robins egg blue. i love half price finds at the care and share.


september winds are strong!

summer feels like it has come to a close, extra early this year. the weather has been considerably cooler than most years i seem to remember. thats just fine by me. i absolutely love the fall time. i feel like i come alive... the scents, sights and tastes invigorate me. this past week i've been enjoying different aspects of the coming season. i started to re pot my herbs from the outside garden, to pots on my kitchen windowsill.

here are our pumpkins! we stumbled upon these behind the barn of our house. there must have been some thrown there the year before. we were very excited to stumble upon these flowering pumpkin plants. can't wait until they start growing!
the first of hopefully many apples and apple treats! perhaps a jewish apple cake is in order!

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