summer's best

 a couple of years ago, in Holland, we made it to the tulip festival. it was one of my fondest memories, being a lover of tulips. these cute little bud vases were hanging up around all the shops at the festival and i just loved the idea. so this the first time i've brought them outside here at our new house. i think i would have like to hang them horizontally but this is what i had to work with on short notice. plus it brings me cheer each time i come in the front door!


On the road: Interesting things we saw along the way!

here is a list we started making when we were driving and encountering  things we had never seen or experienced before.

on the road: from a pennsylvanian perspective!
  • windmill blades
  • circus rides ( on the highway)
  • a tractor driving on the highway
  • world's largest mcdonalds (former)
  • sign that says "don't drive into the smoke"
  • being in the  exact middle of america in oklahoma
  • a couch in the middle of the highway
  • a stage coach in new mexico
  • tumbleweeds (interesting at first)
  • long horn
  • Jesus "blessed" texan watermelons
  • yellow bellied marmots
  • rain coming down on only one side of the car
  • a guy in a tutu, running a race in death valley
  • swimming cows
  • next to a prison, a sign saying: " do not pick up hitchhikers"

a few last images from our trip

 bryce canyon national park : utah
 southern california
 mariposa grove: yosemite national park, california
 death valley national park: california
yosemite valley
 yellowstone national park: wyoming
 grand prismatic springs: yellowstone
badlands national park: south dakota



most of these shots were at monument valley! we really enjoyed it there. there are so many other great scenery shots that we have as well. the west is astounding in beauty!
we also stopped at the four corners monument.
the corners of utah, colorado, new mexico and arizona!


highlights from new mexico and arizona

 meteor crater in winslow, arizona
 best breakfast of the trip so far. burrios, huevos rancheros, fresh squeezed oj, sweet roll.
at a place called frontier in albuquerque!
 near acoma pueblo in new mexico
 old town, albuquerque
 amazing sunset in new mexico
 tumbleweed and windmill. two most common sites here.
 so much so that a man had a giant yard collection of them.
 petroglyphs. ancient indian carvings and drawings
 badlands in the petrified forest
 rocks. somewhere :)
petrified wood!

friends in oklahoma... and texas

friend #1 : prairie dog 
we went to prairie dog town in oklahoma in the nature preserve. they were quite the sight to see. even saw some prairie dog kisses.
friend #2 : buffalo
they were pretty scarce with how hot it happened to be in oklahoma. hoping to see more in yellowstone
friend #3 : longhorns
these guys were all over.
p.s. we had longhorn burger for lunch.
staying with family in oklahoma was awesome! the picture is from mt. scott.
texas was more of a passing through state. we did however stop at slugbug ranch to tag a few beatles. and cadillac ranch to marvel at how many other people had tagged. ate some big steaks at the big texan and drove through parts of rt. 66 before heading to new mexico!
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