On the road: Interesting things we saw along the way!

here is a list we started making when we were driving and encountering  things we had never seen or experienced before.

on the road: from a pennsylvanian perspective!
  • windmill blades
  • circus rides ( on the highway)
  • a tractor driving on the highway
  • world's largest mcdonalds (former)
  • sign that says "don't drive into the smoke"
  • being in the  exact middle of america in oklahoma
  • a couch in the middle of the highway
  • a stage coach in new mexico
  • tumbleweeds (interesting at first)
  • long horn
  • Jesus "blessed" texan watermelons
  • yellow bellied marmots
  • rain coming down on only one side of the car
  • a guy in a tutu, running a race in death valley
  • swimming cows
  • next to a prison, a sign saying: " do not pick up hitchhikers"

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