Picking Peaches 2014

 This is the second year now that we've gone to a local orchard to pick peaches. See last year here. It's become something I look forward to all summer. After all peaches are my favorite. I easily filled up two baskets in no time at all, with some help from Liam and my Mom. It was Liam's first time being able to walk around and pick, smell, taste and pull the peach cart. He was pretty into it. Mostly pulling the peach cart. He sure likes anything with wheels. Last year I only picked one basket and that just wasn't enough, so I thought I'd pick another one this year. Well, putting by two baskets of peaches by yourself during nap time is no easy thing. Somehow it got done and Jason helped me bag the peach slices. All said and done I have 24 bags of peaches, 9 jars of peach sauce and 2 jars of peach syrup for cocktails and peach soda. Yum. I hope these last until next August.

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