Yeti and Peppermint Cupcakes

These yeti cupcakes were perfect, for all the snowy days we seem to be having. They along with these chocolate peppermint ones were ones I did recently! The yeti ones were vanilla cake with marshmallow cream filling and vanilla buttercream! The peppermint ones were chocolate cake with chocolate ganache filling and peppermint buttercream topped with candy cane sugar! Just wanted to share a little of what's been happening this Christmas season over here.

Merry Christmas!
 xoxo Snacky French


Arts and Crafts Cake

 This was my Thanksgiving project. Along with some rolls and cranberry sauce, of course. My niece turned 13 and so we celebrated over Thanksgiving with my family. My niece is an artist. Skilled in drawing, sculpture ( she helped me make this cake ) and almost anything she touches! So to go along with her creative side I decided to make her a cake displaying some of her favorite "tools".


SNOW day!

There is something completely and utterly magical when a soft snow falls and covers everything gently around it! As an adult, the magic is still there, but there are fewer days to sit in the house and watch it come down and then go play in it, than when you were a child. Today, however, was one of those days. We got up with the snow falling, had a lazy morning and then after lunch got to go explore the winter wonderland around us. Liam got to really experience the snow this year, since he can walk in it, pick it up and experience the wet and cold too. We didn't stay out too long, since Liam still has a runny nose from a cold. Just enough to enjoy the beauty around the house and trail.
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