scarf reject turned t-shirt

so last week my sister and i had a craft day. i worked on a knitting project, got frustrated, then turned to sowing this t-shirt! i'm pretty happy with its turn out. i re- sized it from a mans long sleeve t-shirt, into a short sleeve shirt/ frock . i had this scarf that i got and realized it didn't lay so nice as a scarf, so i cut it out and sowed it onto the shirt. ta da.
it felt good to sow something. i haven't been able to sow, since my machine was broken, and i was not in the mood to fix it. but hopefully i will sow more again, since i did end up fixing it, with some help from jason!

then my nieces came home from school, and asked me about what i was doing. my niece anja saw my scraps of fabric (the sleeves) and got this brilliant idea to make wristbands for her and her sister. i admit they have some of the best most creative imaginations i know. they are inspirational. so i quick sowed up some wrist bands for them. they were delighted, and so was i at not wasting a scrap of fabric! i would of posted them too, but it was a crappy cell phone picture.

good day.



amazing life, we've been given.
i know that you had some troubles, i have had some troubles.
we've been wasted, we've been complacent.
we've given in to getting through the days.
i hear the dogs singing in the trees.
they call the dusk to tell us not to sleep
a coming dark can't hide what we can't see.
the algebra
of innocence is lost in the bathroom mirrors,
practiced bode and steady.
we've complacent. we've been bad neighbors,
we've been unfaithful in our blind age.
to open up, to see what happens next, to see our
hearts, to risk breaking
our necks, to chop it down, to follow there against, so we'll be young
amazing world, the ground that gives.
i know that you've had some
troubles, i have had some troubles.
we've been wasted.
we've been complacent.
we've given in to getting through the days.
i saw a star fall from a green sky.
i saw you laugh, your eyes were open wide.
i saw your skin uncovered in the night.

this song has taken hold of me. the whole album is beautiful. and its free! here!



the socks are done. my feet are happy, and so am i for finishing this project!!!!!!!


snowstorm avocado

yesterday was quite the snowy day. people around here, when the snow hits, they think they must run out to the grocery store for milk and bread, as though their overflowing pantries won't hold them over for the very least a day, before they want to venture out.
me, i just needed an avocado. jason drove me to the grocery store for an avocado and the delicious carrot salad that they make where i work. yes, i felt a little silly, but i had my dinner all planned out, and lately i've really been trying to stick to my dinner plans, because its so easy to do something else or eat out.
dinner = spicy black bean burgers with salsa and avocado and carrot raisin salad.


birthday love

this is the story of my mother-in-laws birthday cake! her mother is a wonderful little german woman, who can bake the pants off most people. she has this special birthday cake, pictured above. she has made this cake her whole life, for her children's birthdays. she is getting a little older now, and lives farther away from her daughter, so this cake has fallen into my hands. one year oma taught me how to make it, and now i've been making it for my mother-in-law. this butter cream torte is definitely one of a kind. it requires a lot of time, mess (see above), and ingredients. but it is good, and i definitely look forward to the challenge each year. i always seem to forget a step or ingredient, but i'm determined one of these years to get it just so.
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