some more of my months activities

these cakes were for a 50th wedding anniversary i did this past weekend. i wish i had taken a picture of the top cake with the flowers on. i topped it off with white calla lilies. turned out quite nice. the fun part about this whole cake project, was the fact that i was using this ladies original wedding cake recipe. i hope she thought it tasted just as good 50 years later!

These veggie tale cakes were for my husband's little cousin, zoe! jr. asparagus is her favorite. but i did bob, larry, and jr. on a separate cake, just to include her other favorites, and provide enough cake for the party. my husband helped me craft jr. i baked the base in a loaf pan, and the top is all cupcakes. what would i do without him!


september birthdays

september is a busy month for my family. we try to get together for every ones birthday, but this month we usually just lump them all together into one giant celebration. my brother and husbands birthday. my dad's 60th birthday. sisters anniversary. so, i also was quite busy, being the cake maker for each one.
my dad is a gardener. too busy to have one this year, so i came up with the idea of a garden cake, with 60 vegetables, to commemorate his turning 60. i decided to do mini cakes this year for brother and husband, trying to come up with a fun way of celebrating their interests as well.

i've also been doing a little side business this months, as far as cakes are concerned. i did a cake for a 2nd birthday. and several cakes for a 50th wedding anniversary. i'd like to start doing more side business. we'll see what comes my way.

so let the adventure begin...

for some time now, i've been avidly reading a few ladies beautiful blogs. and with this has come inspiration to start one of my own. to share with those i love, and those i do not yet know, my love of baking, decorating cakes, and making little odds and ends for my home. with this, i commence into the foreign land of blogging.
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