Liam is 2.5 years old

 This is about a month late, but here goes! A little life update on this two and a half year old!
  • Liam would rather shovel snow then go sledding! We snapped that top picture on his first and only run down the hill. 
  • Since my last update I gave Liam his first haircut! See the picture below. I kept most of the curls!
  • He made his first snowman
  • He has been potty trained for 2 weeks now! woohoo!
  • Liam got to go to his first museum! An airplane museum in Maryland with our friends Ben and Nacy! He had a great time.
  • He's been saying a ton of new phrases, which usually make us laugh or are generally surprised he's picked up something
  • He can catch a ball ( most of the time)
  • Liam loves playing train, truck or tractor! Anything with wheels has his attention. 
  • He loves books and we are enjoying reading new ones almost every day!
  • He got to go paint at the mudshack pretty recently and had the best time! He painted an ice cream bowl, since he loves ice cream so much!
  • He's pretty tall for his age and easily gets mistaken for a 3 or 4 year old.
  • He's also pretty independent and likes going new places!
  • He loves music and for us to sing songs
  • He sleeps without his crib rail now.
  • His bossy 2 year old streak is in full gear
  • Sharing is a struggle!
  • He has started saying "I love you" more and sometimes even unsolicited! 
  • I feel like he's accomplishing new things on a daily basis, that I can't begin to remember them all!

 Liam's funny sayings:

Liam says to the neighbor dogs across the street. "Stop barking dogs!" I say that's ok Liam, they are allowed to bark, then he says " Have a nice day doggies"!

Liam as he is about to get wiped off after dinner " oh, you found me"!

When he doesn't want to be watched "Mommy, you go do the dishes"or " Mommy you go do your work" or wants to stay at Nana's longer, "Mommy you go bake a cake" He likes to "give me jobs" to do, to get what he wants. ha!

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