a bit of the holiday

this was a really great few days off. with my line of work, i'm required to work on or around most holidays. i did work thanksgiving, but just for a few hours in the morning. so from thursday afternoon till today, i've had off! it was one of the best thanksgivings i can remember...
dinner with my family on thursday was lovely, then we headed to jason's parents house in northern pa. we ate lots of good food, took walks about the mountains, stayed inside to knit and crochet a lot, and even took in a movie. we thoroughly enjoyed fantastic mr. fox!


another party

this has been quite the month for parties! this past week we celebrated the birthday of a friend with dinner out and bowling. it was loads of fun!

come on december... i dare you to be busier than november has been!


baby gifts

its so much fun to knit small things, for wee ones. maybe for the same reason its fun to bake mini treats. it takes us back to a time in childhood when things were smaller, and we played pretend.
these where a present for my coworker, who is having a little boy in a few short weeks.


good fun

just a few pictures of a fun evening. our fall frolic came together great! lots of yummy food, and spiced cider. "bobbing for apples", spoons and lots of laughs. thanks kerah for a lovely evening!
hope you are enjoying fall, as its quickly fading into winter.

fall frolic preparations

pies, cookies and muffins galore! kerah and i were busy baking for our fall party, we had this weekend. i'll update on that soon!


fall garland

so, i've been eying up this lovely fall garland for most of the autumn season. and with that as my inspiration i finally got around to making my own! i've come to realize that joanns has a limited color supply of felt, but i was still able to find some pretty great colors. jason traced and i cut and sewed them together. all in all it only took about an hours time to make.

and this wall art is what has me inspired this week. all made from toilet paper rolls. check out the how to over at growing up creative. its brilliant!


busy bee birthday projects

a very special niece is turning 9. i was quite busy this week, getting together all the last minute little things for her present and bumble bee cupcakes.
the above was my last minute crochet project. rudy the rectangle. she had picked out this picture of the little guy and asked me over a year ago if i would make it for her. so for her birthday i scurried to get it done. added some homemade clips, and called it a birthday. she loved it all. so worth every moment!

through the window pane

i was lying on the couch, looking out my window, last week. so i grabbed my camera to see if i could capture the beauty i was experiencing. here is the view from my bay window. happy monday.


my weekend

i had the delight of going to see this movie on friday. it was beautifully done. not so sure it was a "kid movie" per say, but as adults having read the book, it was magical.
max was great, the wild things were spot on. the characters and their personalities were heartfelt. the soundtrack was lovely. the ending... well, i think that max and his mom should have fell asleep in a pile.
happy november, and weekend to all!
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