Inspiring words cupcakes

I leave you with these cupcakes of inspiration for the end of this week!  I hope you all have a great weekend! 


Baby Shower Cupcakes + Baby Bottle Cookie Favors

I did a version of these baby shower cupcakes, originally for a close friend's baby shower (Shown below in hot pink). I've done a couple variations for both boy and girls, since. Each time I like to add a fun new detail like a ruffly bib, a different kind of pacifier or baby booties. They are so fun and the sky is the limit when it come to cute fondant cupcake toppers!

This customer also order baby bottle cookies as favors to go with the cupcakes picture above. I have more recently dove into the world of decorated cookies, per the request of so many clients. I was always hesitant before, not because I didn't like to decorate them, but I never had an amazing sugar cookie recipe or a royal icing that was tried and true. I can happily say I do have an amazing sugar cookie recipe, that is a little like a shortbread cookie with vanilla and hints of almond. SO GOOD! And the royal icing has been  trial and error and I have found one that can pipe shells or flood cookies very effectively! Yay. So if you find yourself needing some decorated cookies for an event, let me know! I really love doing them now and can't wait to try more in the future!


Beach Cakes all Winter Long!

I think I did more beach themed cakes this winter than ever before. Not that I minded. It was a long and cold one and making waves, sand, beach balls and sea shells was a little reprieve to the snow blowing outside.

The first cake was an ode to childhood at the beach. Pails of sand, sandcastles, hovering seagulls, sunscreen and flip-flops. Truly one of my favorites. The second cake pictured was for the adult beach lover. Aqua ombre waves of buttercream on the side and hand painted seashells and sand on top! A very serene cake.
The third cake is for a girl who loves the beach, loves dolphins and lighthouses. It took me to a scene from a North Caroline beach. One I hope to visit someday.

So we'll see what the summer holds. Will I do any beach cakes? Or are they most needed/ requested in the winter in memeory of a warmer, sunnier and sandier time.


Minecraft, Superhero and Spiderman Lego Cakes

This is a post for all those little birthday boys, whose cake dreams came true!

When I use to work in a grocery store, decorating some 15-20 cakes a day, I did mostly flowers and balloons on cakes. There was an occasional drawn and airbrushed picture or wedding cake, but balloons and flowers dominated my day. Now that I do custom cakes, I hardly get the opportunity to repeat my work, which is why I love being out on my own. The variety, the thrill of a challenge and the never ending ideas my clients bring me! It really is the best. So when I  get orders for a minecraft cake, a superhero and lego cake I get the opportunity to try new designs, dive into a world that I've never even heard of and create things I never thought possible.

My cake dreams come true too, every time I pick up a spatula, pipe some buttercream or sculpt a piece of fondant!


Rainbow Trout Cake

Here's a rainbow trout shaped cake I did for an older gentleman's birthday! He is an avid fisherman, so his family surprised him with this fun fish cake. 

It's been a while since I did a fish cake. A LONG while. I think I was 13 when I made a fish cake for a family friend who LOVED fishing. He teased me constantly and called me "little shark". So as a surprise I made him a fish cake one year. Probably the first cake I ever made and decorated, come to think of it. Store bought icing and candy decorations... This one turned out to be a little more classy and it was a great trip down memory lane. Bring on the fish cakes, they are loads of fun.

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