a little adventure, before a big one

a little urban exploration, if you will. loads of fun. loads of pictures. here is one to share with you. we leave for germany on sunday! i'm so excited. i've been looking over maps for the last hour in anticipation!


friday finds

here is a little discovery that brought me cheer. feed your soul...
with a little free art. its a site that allows you download some artwork that artists donate a piece to, so we can enjoy. they are fun. check them out.


double daffodils

i happened upon these in our backyard. i believe they are called double daffodils. some were opening, and some just beginning to. here's my little macro photo exploration of it all!
have a lovely day. may they bring you cheer, as they did for me!


looks can be deceiving

i've gotten back into baking mode. i hadn't baked anything in a little while. i missed it. so with my day off, the kitchen was calling me. i was going to make lemon squares, because they're easy and i thoroughly enjoy them, but at the last minute i got this notion to substitute lime juice instead of lemon, for a change of pace. i'm sure somebody has thought to do this before, it just never occurred to me to take something i already like and make it into something i (now) like just as much.

i give you... my lime squares. just a simple substitution turned these into a most refreshing treat. only one problem, it made me want a key lime pie. summer is calling my name.


its bluebell season!

yesterday jason and i took a walk to my favorite childhood spot, behind my parents house. there we gathered one of my favorite spring flowers. bluebells. they grow in little clumps in the woods, and it has always delighted my heart in the spring. we had a grand time playing in the wood of my youth. it was nice to play, we don't do that enough lately.



this is it folks. may i present to you our bed. i know, your thinking who cares, but for those of you who do know, and care, here it is. our bed was a handmade wedding present from my father-in-law! its beautiful. modeled after the bed above, i saw in window of a store while i was in london. ours is a lovely take off of that one. jason's dad is an amazing wood crafter, and now we have this original to rest our heads and weary bodies each night.

oh, and the first is of my new toms shoes. i love these. mostly because of what it goes towards. check them out. they are doing good work.


these are what my sight is set on lately

i love, love, love spring. even though we are renting, we are blessed with an abundance of beautiful flowers, and trees in our backyard! i look forward to planning out a garden or several gardens when we have a house someday.

... and this is what i've been doing in a lot of my free time. we are planning a trip to germany and the netherlands at the end of april!!! very excited. and to add to my spring time excitement, we are most likely going to see thousands of tulips ( my favorite) in a huge holland garden!
lots going on. just not a lot going on here lately.
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