looks can be deceiving

i've gotten back into baking mode. i hadn't baked anything in a little while. i missed it. so with my day off, the kitchen was calling me. i was going to make lemon squares, because they're easy and i thoroughly enjoy them, but at the last minute i got this notion to substitute lime juice instead of lemon, for a change of pace. i'm sure somebody has thought to do this before, it just never occurred to me to take something i already like and make it into something i (now) like just as much.

i give you... my lime squares. just a simple substitution turned these into a most refreshing treat. only one problem, it made me want a key lime pie. summer is calling my name.

1 comment:

009 said...

those squares were delicious. They didnt last too long with the hungry workers you gave them to though. hehe

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