tortellini soup

so i waitress on the weekends. and one of the perks, sometimes is that you'll meet new people, and they'll like you and want to sit in your section every week. it makes my job a little more fun. so this recipe is from one of my regulars. we got to talking about soup, and she told me of this soup she had just made. when i expressed my interest in it, she wrote down the recipe right there and then. and last night i got around to making it. quite simple really. and it looks so pretty with all the bright colors! tasted good too.


the little baker in me...

i've had some fun scanning many old pictures lately. these just made me smile. to see the sheer care free kid in these pictures makes me happy. one who made and created with little thought of how good it looked, just happy to be creating.


pudding lesson

UK a sweet and usually hot dish made with pastry, flour, bread or rice and often fruit:
US a sweet soft food made from milk, sugar, eggs and flavouring which is eaten cold:

i made a somewhat UK version of pudding. its called eve's pudding. apples on the bottom, cake- like on top. served with cream. yum. i still wish to recreate the christmas pudding i had when in england. for now this was a good attempt at pudding.


meat + veggies = stew

my favorite take on beef stew. mustard-herb beef stew. maybe cause it has mushrooms, or maybe because it has beer. i don't know, its tasty, and perfect for busy winter days like this one.
i actually had to take it on the road to meet my husband who was working at our church late, late, well past our supper time.



this weekend much progress was made in the sock adventure. i muddled through the knitting instructions, fudged some things, and it worked out quite well. i've worked the heel, the hardest part of all and now its smooth sailing onto the toe! cozy feet yet to come before spring!

this is for angie! you have wonderful taste. how would i ever furnish my home without your good eye, and tip to this lovely danish modern kitchen table!!!!!!!! i am in love with it as is jason.


spring in my mind

I miss these and these. It's been unseasonably warm and teasing.


a few of my favorite things right now

i've started my adventure into the world of knitting socks. i'm a little daunted, but know i can do it if i take each step apart slowly and figure it out. feeling a little indulgent with my afternoon i made a pot of coffee and enjoyed my danish as i knitted round after round.
i'm using this beautiful yellow and white soft wool i got from purl in soho awhile back.
i wish we had more knitting stores around here besides the chain craft stores. i will just have to venture my way back to the city sometime soon.


turkey noodle soup

i had lots of extra turkey this past week, so i thought i'd make soup. i looked online for some recipes, and made my own version of a turkey noodle soup. my husbands says its the best he ever had. so in order to preserve my memory of how i made it i will try to recall it here.

6-8 c.chicken stock
1 1/2 c. water
1 c. leftover gravy
1 package noodles
3 c. turkey
1/2 c. corn
3/4 c. celery
1 med. onion
2 T. butter
2 bay leaves
1-2 t. thyme
salt/ pepper to taste

i sauteed the onion and celery in butter first. added all the liquids to the pot and brought to an almost boil. added the bay leaves thyme, salt and pepper. then i added the noodles, let them cook for about half of the recommended time, added the chicken and corn, and simmered for 20 min.
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