a few of my favorite things right now

i've started my adventure into the world of knitting socks. i'm a little daunted, but know i can do it if i take each step apart slowly and figure it out. feeling a little indulgent with my afternoon i made a pot of coffee and enjoyed my danish as i knitted round after round.
i'm using this beautiful yellow and white soft wool i got from purl in soho awhile back.
i wish we had more knitting stores around here besides the chain craft stores. i will just have to venture my way back to the city sometime soon.


Anonymous said...

Hey dear! We have a new knitting store out here in Lancaster so you need to visit your sister!
Love ya! angie

Laura said...

Huh that is funny I live in Lancaster also and was going to comment about our new knitting store here!!
But here is a tip....in Skippack there is a GREAT non-chain knitting store named Yarnings. I used to shop there back when I lived in the T-ford.
I also want to learn to knit socks!! It is my next knitting challenge.

leni said...

How funny! I just got yarn to try to crochet socks(never could knit).
I've always done flat things like afghans, doilies, etc. Thought it was time to try some shapes. I'm actually working on my very first sweater. I actually get my yarn online from joanne.com (better selection than the places up here)
I do check out your blog alot just to see what neat things you're up to. love ya lots, Leni

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