Wedding Weekend!

here is the most recent cake i've done! it was for this lovely couple pictured below! they are dear friends of ours and we were so happy to be apart of their special day! jason being best man and my cake contribution.
 and it was so great spending a whole weekend with these folks. their company with us was truly the highlight of our summer! oh and possibly a road trip... but we sure do love these two couples a whole lot!


in our yard this summer...

PEACHES! while these are not the prettiest peaches i've ever laid my eyes on, they are, however the most magnificent! you see, they are the first edible peaches we've been able to pick from our peach tree out back. this is only our second summer at this home and we have not been taking preventative measures to ensure some rot free fruit. so imagine my delight at finding a few golden fruits that were ripe and ready.
my small herb patch, right outside the back door
our compost bin! jason built it from pallet wood! we are so excited to get it going.
this beautiful and simple swing from terrain, is my inspiration for a swing out back. good thing i have a carpenter in the family!


Cake of the weekend

 Round two on the murder mystery cake circuit! It was a lot of fun making this mystery manor cake. Good thing I had some extra "blood" from the last one!


a little more love from our trip

most of the national parks we visited were selling these retro looking cards. we instantly loved the  look of them and started a collection to remember our trip. they were reprinted orginal artwork for posters done for the parks in the 1930's. you can read about the full story here. pretty fun stuff.
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