Backyard Camping: Memorial Weekend 2015

Liam has been asking to go camping since November, so last weekend we finally got to make that happen for him in our backyard ( starting close to home) The weather was a dream, so we gathered our provisions and headed down to the back part of our yard that is nestled into the woods and has some privacy from the road and the rail trail.
Jason set up the tent and built a new fire pit so we could roast hot dogs and marshmallows. We made campfire bread to wrap around the hot dogs we roasted ( a very cool idea I got from my sister and her family ) Here's the recipe we used! They turned out great! Liam loved helping with the fire and getting to cook his food on it. We invited our neighbors over for s'mores and sparklers and the kids had fun roasting, running and tumbling around till it got dark.
As far as Liam's first tent sleeping experience...well, lets just say he needs a little more practice. He was rather excited, so it was late to bed and early to rise. Thanks to Jason for keeping him company all night. I'll have to join them next time!


Sheep Cookies

It's a fair assumption that I was counting sheep in my sleep the night I finished these cookies. I think I did at least 5 dozen of these furry friends for baby shower favors. I like their simplicity and texture of piping shells on for the look of their fuzzy wool. One of my favorite cookies I've done yet!


Thomas 2nd Bithday Cake

I think most little 2 year old boys like trains. I made one for my son's second birthday and then again recently for another 2 year old boy!! This one has the the train track in the shape of a 2 for a new twist. Balloons and a tunnel were also a must!

buttercream iced
fondant scenery and track
toy train
gum-paste balloons painted with diluted corn syrup for sheen.


Taking Stock

( Just sitting here taking a little break to think about the present and what exactly that looks like right now) 

Making : chocolate chip cookies
Cooking : pizza night ( no cooking!!)
Drinking : seltzer with lemon
Reading: magazines, recipes and blogs only, these days
Wanting: cooling racks ( I know, a baker who doesn't have any cooling racks in my home kitchen ??)
Looking: at paperwork
Playing: games with Liam
Wasting: time on pinterest, blogs
Sewing: a plastic bag holder
Listening: to Violents  collaborations by Jeremy Larson
Wishing: that my car air conditioner was fixed
Enjoying: hearing Liam make believe
Waiting: to renovate our downstairs
Liking: that our yard is beginning to resemble a yard and not a messy jungle
Wondering: how much stuff I donated this year? cleaning out every room feels so good!
Loving: having fresh air blow through the windows
Hoping: for some rain
Marveling: at the fact that we have refinanced and cut 10 years off of our mortgage
Needing: more date nights
Smelling: bluebells and lilacs
Wearing: sweater and sandals ( it's been a chilly spring)
Following: the progress of my perennials as they emerge from the ground. It really makes me happy.
Noticing: all the new plants coming up that I planted last year
Knowing: I am blessed beyond measure
Thinking: about what I can do to be a better momma and wife
Feeling: very tired
Bookmarking: recipes
Opening: supplies for Snacky French
Giggling: at Liam
Feeling: grateful

taking stock fall 2013

Princess 1st Birthday Smash Cake

Smash cakes! Love them or hate them? I just love doing mini cakes. I think its fun to make miniature versions especially for kids. This was a princess smash cake I did for a first birthday not too long ago. Simple and girlie. I hope to do more little cakes in the future!

 pink butter-cream icing
gum-paste crown
piping gel piped on and painted with liquid gold luster dust for the accents


Carpentry Retirement Cake

This carpentry cake was another one I got to do recently for a great customer. Her dad was retiring after 31 years ( see the hammer)! Happy weekending! Go build something!
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