Taking Stock

( Just sitting here taking a little break to think about the present and what exactly that looks like right now) 

Making : chocolate chip cookies
Cooking : pizza night ( no cooking!!)
Drinking : seltzer with lemon
Reading: magazines, recipes and blogs only, these days
Wanting: cooling racks ( I know, a baker who doesn't have any cooling racks in my home kitchen ??)
Looking: at paperwork
Playing: games with Liam
Wasting: time on pinterest, blogs
Sewing: a plastic bag holder
Listening: to Violents  collaborations by Jeremy Larson
Wishing: that my car air conditioner was fixed
Enjoying: hearing Liam make believe
Waiting: to renovate our downstairs
Liking: that our yard is beginning to resemble a yard and not a messy jungle
Wondering: how much stuff I donated this year? cleaning out every room feels so good!
Loving: having fresh air blow through the windows
Hoping: for some rain
Marveling: at the fact that we have refinanced and cut 10 years off of our mortgage
Needing: more date nights
Smelling: bluebells and lilacs
Wearing: sweater and sandals ( it's been a chilly spring)
Following: the progress of my perennials as they emerge from the ground. It really makes me happy.
Noticing: all the new plants coming up that I planted last year
Knowing: I am blessed beyond measure
Thinking: about what I can do to be a better momma and wife
Feeling: very tired
Bookmarking: recipes
Opening: supplies for Snacky French
Giggling: at Liam
Feeling: grateful

taking stock fall 2013

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