Backyard Camping: Memorial Weekend 2015

Liam has been asking to go camping since November, so last weekend we finally got to make that happen for him in our backyard ( starting close to home) The weather was a dream, so we gathered our provisions and headed down to the back part of our yard that is nestled into the woods and has some privacy from the road and the rail trail.
Jason set up the tent and built a new fire pit so we could roast hot dogs and marshmallows. We made campfire bread to wrap around the hot dogs we roasted ( a very cool idea I got from my sister and her family ) Here's the recipe we used! They turned out great! Liam loved helping with the fire and getting to cook his food on it. We invited our neighbors over for s'mores and sparklers and the kids had fun roasting, running and tumbling around till it got dark.
As far as Liam's first tent sleeping experience...well, lets just say he needs a little more practice. He was rather excited, so it was late to bed and early to rise. Thanks to Jason for keeping him company all night. I'll have to join them next time!

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