A very special garden cake for a very special 90th Birthday!

My grandfather turned 90 this August, so my Mom brought the family together to celebrate this grand occasion. It's pretty remarkable to be 90 and in pretty good health, I'd imagine. So many birthdays gone past, so much life lived, so many generations you have as a legacy. This cake pictured above is for his life long love of gardening. So, in making this cake, I think I made up a version of my dream garden. I, as well as my Father and Grandfather have a love of gardening. While our yard may not have a big garden yet, my mind is filled with images of what that will some day look like. This cake garden is one of those images!

Happy Birthday Pop-Pop!

Birthday Cake Round up... of late

This is a roundup of different birthday cakes I've worked on these last couple of months!

1. My niece's 16th Birthday cake with random letters highlighted by her name in a contrasting color!

2. Spider-man cake for a 14 year old girl who is totally obsessed right now 

3. A bug themed cake for our neighbor's son! He really loved the worms in the dirt! Look closer and you'll see some ants in there too!

4. A golf themed cake

5. A Syracuse cake for a long time fan


Wedding Dress Bridal Shower Cake + Cupcakes

This is probably the most elaborate bridal shower cake I've ever done! I love how bold the cake sits up on the stand with the accent cupcakes around it. This was my first time making a 3d  wedding dress and I love how it turned out. The dress was made with two  4" cake pans plus I baked the top round layer in a small glass bowl so I wouldn't have to do a whole lot of carving! It held up really well and gave it the shape I was hoping for. I brushed the bottom of the dress in a fine layer of fine sanding sugar to give it a beaded look! Topped it off with a few rosettes and some white poppies!


Liam is 2

2 years

  •  We celebrated this little one's 2nd birthday this July! Wow! Lots has happened since I posted here at his 1.5 year
  • We spend a good deal of time taking "hikes" as liam likes to call our daily walks around the neighborhood, hanging out at the pool and playing with the hose or water table this summer. 
  • Liam is my gardener! He couldn't be happier when he's outside with a shovel in one hand and a bucket in another. Other favorites include the wheelbarrow and dump truck. This weekend all he wanted to do at Nana's was pick green beans!
  • Liam is starting to speak in small sentences, which has been really fun to converse with! He still gets a little confused and a says stuff like "eat the Momma" which is either a joke to him or he wants to eat with me. At least I hope he doesn't want to eat me ;)
  • Liam has discovered his love for books! Our current favorites are pat the cat, the little engine that could, goodnight train, the little red hen and dragons love tacos.
  • He sleeps with his "nunny" every night. It's his stuffed bunny! sometimes nunny comes along on adventures
  • His favorite foods right now are bananas, eggs, cheese, bacon, smoothies, tacos and pizza! We're still working on finding his love for veggies again.
  • Liam is really into trains, so we had a train filled birthday for him this year!
  • He's a pretty easy going boy and even likes to clean up his toys if we sing his cleaning song!
  • Liam loves to wear hats and more recently sunglasses because his eyes are extra sensitive to the sun
  • He's already gotten his first kiss and friendship bracelet from girls. eek! He's a charmer. One day while at a local park he was playing with these two little girls. I look over and the little 2 year old girl grabs Liam's cheeks and plants a kiss right on his mouth! Liam didn't seem bothered by it. 
  • He goes out of his way to say hi to everybody he meets, but in new situations still is quite shy! He really likes to observe older kids, but not necessarily participate.
  • I love you more than I ever could have expected my big 2 year old! I can't wait to see how much you grow, learn, discover, master, adventure and create this next year!


A girl and her horse ( graduation cake)

 This is a graduation cake I did for a lovely high school graduate, Bailey! She LOVES riding and horses so we came up with this pasture themed horse cake for her special day! I also did grass topped cupcakes to go with!
This was my first time making a horse of any kind for a cake. This unicorn tutorial is what helped me out so much in getting all the little details of the horse, correct! I also did a caricature of Bailey in her western outfit!
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