Liam's 1st Birthday Party!

 July 21st!
A day most dear to our hearts!
This year marked one year for our baby boy!
Our friend's Optika Photography beautifully captured the day for us!


Cupcake Tuesday: Mini Cupcakes!

A couple of months ago I got to make a bunch of mini cupcakes! Though they were a small (two bites or just one depending on who you ask) I still wanted them to pack in as much flavor as possible. The top is a vanilla cake with marshmallow cream filling and peanut butter icing! A take on the classic fluffernutter sandwich! The ones below are also vanilla cake, but are topped with a biscoff buttercream and drizzled with caramel! Biscoff is a yummy cookie spread I stumbled across one day on a blog. It sounded so good, I immediately went out to the store to try some! I was not disappointed!


Liam is 1 year old!!!

1 year:
  •  It's been a year since our little man was born! Yes sometimes I blinked and he was 3 months older and yes sometimes a whole day would feel like the longest thing ever, but this year has been one of so much joy, discovery and learning that I think it went by just at the right speed!
  • Liam is now crawling up the stairs, walking along furniture and standing on his tip toes to reach objects!
  • He loves music and especially playing his instruments or crawling around with his drum sticks for what seems like hours!
  • He had his first taste of cake two weeks before his birthday at a pre- birthday celebration with my family, who was going away on vacation. He loved it. He also loved it on his actual birthday  (pictured below) Imagine, my son liking cake? He savored it, eating it one piece at a time!
  • Liam gives hugs and claps his hands when excited!
  • "Momma" has returned to his vocabulary !
  • We are so excited to see Liam grow, play and learn this next year!
  • Thanks for journeying with us this past year! It's been grand!


Sweet Sixteen Convertible Car Cake

I had a lot of fun making this sweet cake for a 16th birthday, more recently! The girl came up with the idea of her driving a car and swerving all over the road and to have a road sign announcing she's driving, so be warned! Too cute! She's so excited to get her license! I love the ideas my clients come up with! There is always something new, just around the corner! That's really why I love this job so much!
( I made everything but police car!)


Cupcake Tuesday: Bumble Bee Topped Cupcakes

These cupcakes were for a sweet little second birthday! The bees are made of royal icing. I like to use this recipe. I made the bee bodies and wings separately, then attached them when I iced the cupcakes. This nice yellow icing is actually tinted with a vegetable based food dye. This was a first for me. I wasn't sure I would be able to get the desired color I was looking for, but I was very happy with the end result and am now really interested in looking into that as an option for clients who would prefer that! I swirled the icing to look like they were sitting on little bee hives! It was so much fun, as always! Till next Tuesday!


UFC cake!

Here's a fun cake I did recently!


Spring Flower and Dandelion Cakes

A few more cakes I did this spring! I love making flowers, they always cheer me right up!


Cupcake Tuesday: Strawberry Lemonade

what else is there to say?
not a whole lot!
paired with a lemon cupcake, it's the perfect summer treat!


Gumpaste Hydrangeas Wedding Cake

 I'm still trying to catch up a bit, with posting all the cakes from this spring. This is a wedding cake I did for a coworker of mine. I made the hydrangeas myself. The gumpaste is a pale blue/ purple and then I painted them with luster dust in blue and purple and a shimmery white. It was my first time making gumpaste flowers! I can't wait to make some more soon. This could get addicting!
 Oh yes, I forgot to mention I was at the wedding! It was a grand celebration!


Despicable Me Cake ( plus some behind the scenes action)

 My nieces never seem to have a shortage for creative ideas. They are usually telling me months in advance what they'd like for their birthday cake this year ( usually at each others birthday parties). So this year when my oldest niece wanted to keep it on the simpler side, I was rather surprised. Then the day before I was to make her cake, she changed up her plan to a Despicable Me theme!
 My other niece loves to sculpt, so we hung out for a couple hours and made minions together. She did such an excellent job. She could be my regular cake sculptor! Her mini minion was too cute!
 Here they are just beginning to look like the characters
 tools of the trade
 fondant, food coloring, rolling pins, rags and cutters everywhere.

We also celebrated Liam's birthday a little early along with my niece because they are traveling over seas when Liam's actual birthday is. He got his first taste of cake (that baby minion with the pacifier sticking out of it's mouth) and he loved it. More about that another time. The one my niece made is on the right. Good stuff, right?!
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