Despicable Me Cake ( plus some behind the scenes action)

 My nieces never seem to have a shortage for creative ideas. They are usually telling me months in advance what they'd like for their birthday cake this year ( usually at each others birthday parties). So this year when my oldest niece wanted to keep it on the simpler side, I was rather surprised. Then the day before I was to make her cake, she changed up her plan to a Despicable Me theme!
 My other niece loves to sculpt, so we hung out for a couple hours and made minions together. She did such an excellent job. She could be my regular cake sculptor! Her mini minion was too cute!
 Here they are just beginning to look like the characters
 tools of the trade
 fondant, food coloring, rolling pins, rags and cutters everywhere.

We also celebrated Liam's birthday a little early along with my niece because they are traveling over seas when Liam's actual birthday is. He got his first taste of cake (that baby minion with the pacifier sticking out of it's mouth) and he loved it. More about that another time. The one my niece made is on the right. Good stuff, right?!

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