its time for a snow day

it just so happens i have this snowy day off! feeling festive, i've finally got around to hanging up the gorgeous hand crochet snowflakes my mother in law made me for christmas. if it wasn't freezing rain outside, i might have been a little more ambitious to go outside to photograph some of the the real snowy splendidness.my cousin showed me how to make these crazy paper snowflakes, at christmas this year. it felt like the day to make one, having some extra time on my hands. i love these snowflakes. they look so intricate but are so simple to make.


Coconut macaroons!

it was my first time making these delectable little cookies. they turned out quite good. i got the recipe from the book sticky, chewy, messy, gooey. it has some seriously tasty treats. i've been trying to make stuff out of this book whenever i have an opportunity to bake for people.


wintry weekend

i got some fleece material to make a rice bag. jason's sister emily let me use hers recently when we were at their house. i missed having this little bag of warmth and comfort around, for those cold and crampy days.
i pulled out a wintry puzzle on sunday. its been so long since i've sat down to do a puzzle. we spread out on our table, put pandora on, and started a lovely peaceful afternoon, working on the puzzle, and having conversations sprinkled in between the hunting and gathering pieces.


i like...

wooly night owls. i saw this on gma this morning. these owls are soooo adorable. they are hand-spun and hand- knitted by woman in kenya. the money they receive goes to helping them afford glasses. tempting as it is to buy one for myself, i can't justify the cost. just thought i'd pass the cuteness along.


coffee break with my sister

amongst the cupcakes, haircuts, and snow, i got to have some quality time with my family yesterday. i had lunch with all the ladies in my family. then we went to the care and share for their 1/2 price sale. my nieces love going and looking for jewelry, buttons and other little odds and ends for their creative minds to use. my sister came over for some coffee and a cupcake and that was very enjoyable. the snow kept falling and made everything about the day a little more magical.


march little ones...

this weekend i acquired this new book! it has some of the most awesome decorating ideas i've seen. cupcakes have gained popularity, i noticed, at least at the bakery i work in. its fun, timeless, and adults enjoy them almost more than little kids . so... two of our friends have january birthdays, and i whipped up these adorable penguins for them. only it snowed, so there are no group festivities. chad doesn't mind, more penguins for him to eat.

oops. almost lost one


slow sunday

its one of those glorious days when its snowed the night before, and snows again before the day has yet ended. we had a good time enjoying the indoors and still relishing in the outdoor beauty. finishing up a book. eating leftovers, knitting and enjoying tea time. a little rest. and a visit from a friend who was in town for the weekend. peace to you, this sunday.


comfort food.

its cold today. not feeling ambitious with dinner, opted for a favorite comfort food. cream dried beef over english muffin with fried eggs.
i like finding new things or hearing them from friends and family. i am quite smitten with pandora of late. mostly to hear new music, cause i was feeling a little blah with my music of late.

in other random happenings. i was reading martha stewart magazine as i was eating my solo dinner. in the magazine was a how to for a branch trivet. staring at the one on my table, that i made a year ago. almost laughing, wishing jason was sitting next to me because i'm sure it would have launched a discussion on original thought. how there is no new anymore. i only believe that in some regards. i still like to think i make "new" things. it was almost flattering to think my ideas and projects have made their way into home mags. or that i have martha stewarts spies lurking in my backyard.


days off. knitting on.

my sister was telling me about fingerless gloves. and here in my martha stewart magazine was a relatively simple pattern for such. so with some extra yarn lying around, i decided it would be a good project for my few days off work this week. i can't decide whether they will fit jason or me better. he has already claimed ownership of them. mostly because of the lovely olive color, i think.

it feels good to be still. this weekend was quite busy with two belated family christmas gatherings. busy baking and cooking with short amounts of time to get things done. threw in a couple of haircuts for my darling nieces. one of which cut 10'' off her hair, to donate to locks of love. i was so proud. fondly remembering the many years i grew out my hair and donated it to locks.


a first

jason, i learned this evening, has never had an apple dumpling. i have never made him one. it turned out pretty well. left me feeling a little better after the potato soup i made didn't turn out quite right. i served it up with milk. the proper way to eat an apple dumpling if your Pennsylvania dutch ( or have that in your blood).
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