comfort food.

its cold today. not feeling ambitious with dinner, opted for a favorite comfort food. cream dried beef over english muffin with fried eggs.
i like finding new things or hearing them from friends and family. i am quite smitten with pandora of late. mostly to hear new music, cause i was feeling a little blah with my music of late.

in other random happenings. i was reading martha stewart magazine as i was eating my solo dinner. in the magazine was a how to for a branch trivet. staring at the one on my table, that i made a year ago. almost laughing, wishing jason was sitting next to me because i'm sure it would have launched a discussion on original thought. how there is no new anymore. i only believe that in some regards. i still like to think i make "new" things. it was almost flattering to think my ideas and projects have made their way into home mags. or that i have martha stewarts spies lurking in my backyard.

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