CD release party

 last evening i had the pleasure of attending and providing the cakes for a cd release party for some dear friends. they put out a beautiful worship cd, recently. you can check them out at shores music if your interested. shores music label is a sister to shores of grace ministries. shores of grace ministries are doing a great work in brazil, ministering to prostitutes in hopes of setting them free, through restoration. showing the love of God our Father to the broken. it was a great night of worship and celebration with this couple pictured below and other bands on the shores music label.


Aquarium via my phone

i recently went with a friend to the baltimore aquarium. here are a few shots of the many fish we got to see. it was fun to go again, since i can't remember the last time i was there. her kids loved it, since they've never been to an aquarium, their excitement was contagious, so i thought i'd snap a few pictures to share. the manta rays, sharks, dolphins and sea turtles were to hard to capture, but were a very big part of pools there. a perfect way to spend a rainy day!


Birthday Boy!

we love birthdays here! we love having people over, eating yummy food, and celebrating life in general! this past weekend, jason had a birthday! i really wanted to have a little gathering outside this year, so we cleared some space, spruced up our lacking yard a bit and built a fire pit for the occasion. the day turned out lovely, a great way to send the summer off with one last party outdoors. we ate snickerdoodle cake and homemade vanilla bean ice cream, made our first bonfire and played with sparklers and fireworks! a very good day!


Lobsters and Labor Days

 Here is the project of the week! It was a fun one!
Happy holiday weekend!
Jason and I... well we will both be working so we can take off a day next week for his birthday!In the spirit of working hard, here are some things that have gotten done around here of late.

  • cleaning out the garage
  • cleaning up the storage part of our house ( mostly)
  • cleaned and organized my craft space
  •  made some knit socks
  • seasoned my cast iron pans
  • made my own scrubbies for doing dishes out of bags that oranges and lemons come in. fold. sew. done. they work excellent as a non abrasive scrubby
  • hung some new artwork
  • made panzanella ( summer bread salad)

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