Lobsters and Labor Days

 Here is the project of the week! It was a fun one!
Happy holiday weekend!
Jason and I... well we will both be working so we can take off a day next week for his birthday!In the spirit of working hard, here are some things that have gotten done around here of late.

  • cleaning out the garage
  • cleaning up the storage part of our house ( mostly)
  • cleaned and organized my craft space
  •  made some knit socks
  • seasoned my cast iron pans
  • made my own scrubbies for doing dishes out of bags that oranges and lemons come in. fold. sew. done. they work excellent as a non abrasive scrubby
  • hung some new artwork
  • made panzanella ( summer bread salad)

1 comment:

009 said...

that cake and the amount of stuff you've been getting done is nothing short of amazing!


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