coconut lime + salted caramel chocolate cupcakes

 in case you read this blog for cake updates and not life ones... this is a post for you!

recently i made some coconut cupcakes with lime butter-cream frosting! they turned out even better than expected.  i used a tried and true vanilla cupcake recipe and just added a 3/4 c. flaked sweetened coconut and added 1 1/2 t. coconut extract to the batter! 

lime butter-cream frosting:
1 stick butter
4oz. cream cheese
1 bag powdered sugar (approximately)
zest from 1 lime
juice from 2 limes

beat till desired consistency! i also added some lime zest to sanding sugar to sprinkle on top! it made the lime flavor pop even more, plus it looked pretty!
they got nick named "island cupcakes" at the party i took them to. i couldn't agree with that name more!
these were some of the cupcakes from my baby shower. salted caramel chocolate cupcakes. inspired by the martha stewart recipe, but were revised quite a bit. they turned out great. yes, i decorated my own shower cupcakes (baked by mom) but it was fun... and thinking back on it, you know, i did my wedding cakes too. it's just what i do. i'm a cake girl!

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