italian week

we love italian food around these parts! what's not to love. cheese, tomatoes, basil, homemade dough! recently i made the best  baked eggplant parmesan! recipe can be found here. it was  really simple, it just took a little bit of extra prep time to crisp the eggplant first before you bake it with the sauce and cheese! the eggplant came from the farmers market and with the addition of fresh herbs from the garden it was incredible!

the other is a calzone ( although it was more stromboli* like if you ask me) the dough recipe was from a calzone recipe. i just added my own filling. mozarella, parmesan, hot italian turkey sausage and tomato sauce. baked it on a pizza stone to crisp it up nicely! it worked great! i'm starting to get the hang of this pizza dough thing. i try a new recipe almost every time... but for calzones this is the one i'm sticking with. found here.

* so apparently the stromboli is a more native food to the east coast, specifically the philadelphia area. it's debatable of course, but interesting to hear about for the first time for this east coast girl.

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