baby room: before and after

here we are... many months later, a few coats of paint, lots of love and labor ( thanks to jason) we have a finished baby room. if you know anything about our house... well this is a very special thing for us. we tackle about 5 projects at a time usually and it's hard to see progress in that. so this  room really means a lot to both of us. a project complete. start to finish. once the "work" was done i had a lot of fun putting the finishing touches on it! some of my favorites being our baby pictures hanging on the wall above the changing table, embroidery done by my mom, the bird mobile i made out of recycled fabric from my grandmother and artwork pulled out of old children's encyclopedias. 
hope you enjoyed a piece of our nest.

1 comment:

Corinne Wasser said...

I loved it, great job! Now we just need a baby :-)

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